Worth Visiting

Early Christian Basilica
In the southwest of Panormo, and in a distance of about 1 km outside the village, the biggest early Christian church of Crete was excavated in 1948. It is a basilica of the 5th or 6th century AD dedicated to Saint Sophia (Agia Sofia).

Castle ruins & Agios Georgios - Ascension Church
During the brief occupation period by the Genovese of Enrico Pescatore the settlement of Panormo was fortified behind a fortress, which made Panormo known for years as Kasteli (fort).

Presumably the last old stone carob mill of Crete is preserved in Panormo. For decades the processing of locus beans, collected from the greater area of Panormo, took place in the imposing stone building.

Landscapes of exceptional natural beauty
The river Geropotamos enters into the sea west of Panormo. It is an important wetland area with various bird species and careta-careta turtles.

Panormo: Two developed beaches with clean, shallow water can be found in the village.