Folklore museum of Chania - Cretan house

Your visit in the museum will give you a distinctive idea of the lifestyle of the older residents of Crete.

The owners A. Bikaki and E. Koumandraki-Markaki struggled and managed to give life to the “Cretan House”.

The exhibition situated in Chania, Chalidon St., in the arcade of the Catholic Church, includes:

1. Folklore collection of tools of agricultural life.

2. Illustration of agricultural activities, such as plough and thrash. Presentation of domestic arts, such as loom or manufacturing process of silk. Presentation of technical jobs, such as shoemaker, tailor, cordmaker, basketry.

3. Presentations of interior spaces of a farmhouse, such as the kitchen with the fireplace, the stove, or the bridal bed.

4. In the workshop of the museum embroidery pictures are created with scenes from customs and traditions of Crete.

“Cretan wedding”, “Harvest”, “Harvest of olives”, “History of wine”

Self-taught designs, full of movement and life, showing the artistic creativity and the spontaneous inspiration of the artist. Today they are exhibited in museums in Greece and abroad.